Tuesday, June 24, 2014

He is ours!

So Samuel is our son, officially! We received word from the adoption agency in BG that all the paperwork has been signed and sent to the US Embassy.

So I am happy to present photos of our son, Samuel George Joseph Rhoden!

This photo was taken at a local studio and is being used as his Visa and Passport photo. He was NOT happy about sitting still long enough to snap the shot. In this shot, I am actually squatting in front of him, holding his knees down so that he can not run away! I'm fairly certain this was the only photo they were able to successfully take. 
The first day we met. He didn't know what to make of the phone. 
We brought a set of stacking cups and presented them to him as his first gift. He played with them daily

I will upload more later. As we stand we are waiting for our home study update to be completed and our biometrics taken in order to travel. LONNNNNNGGGGGGG Story. I am tired but will update later on the subject. 

Outline of our entire process:

January 2010: This was the first officially step towards adoption.
July 2010: Completed homestudy
October 2010: Received our USCIS approval
December 2010: Mailed dossier to BG
April 2011: Registered with country of BG
Spring 2012: Homestudy update
Spring 2013: Homestudy update
Dec 2013: Official referral
February 2014: 1st Trip 
May 2014: Started on 3rd home study update 
May 27, 2014: Court Date 
June 23, 2014: Official word he is ours! 

Total time from start to referral: 4 years give or take a few days
Total time from registration to referral: 32 months
Total time from 1st Visit to Court date: 3 months


  1. Congratulations! What a handsome Bulgarian treasure to call your son.


  2. Congratulations! He is a cutie! You have waited a long time to bring him home :)

  3. Congrats! Happy you will finally have your son home soon!

  4. He is SO beautiful!! Congrats! I really hope you get to travel soon and get him home where he belongs!