Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trip 2

So, took awhile to get the HS updated and we had to call our local congressman to get our fingerprints done in a timely manner but once that was finished USCIS was quick to get our approval notice to us. The agent got the HS on Wednesday and sent the approval on Thursday. We got our approval on Monday. Sent the approval on to BG and waited. Waited. Waited. Two weeks later we were told they were unable to get a VISA Appointment in July. Another month before we could travel. We missed his birthday, July 30, which meant, 1) We missed his 2nd Birthday, and 2) That we would have to pay for his ticket back because he could no longer sit in our laps.

We travel August 12-23 to bring him home.

So, here's where it gets complicated….

I will head to BG on Aug.12. I will get there on the 13th and drive, with the translator, directly to Silistra. We will stay the night there and pick him up at 9 the next morning. So technically his "gotcha day" will be August 14. He and I will travel back to Sofia that day. We have his medical appointment on Friday for his TB test. He and I will spend the weekend together and then start with more appointments Monday. During this time…my Aunt J will fly up to DC on that Saturday to be with the girls when G leaves on Monday night for BG. He will get to BG Tuesday afternoon and be with us the rest of the trip. My dad will fly up on Thursday to help my Aunt J out with the girls. They will stay until Monday evening after we get back with Samuel.

G and I will bring Samuel home on Saturday the 23rd.

Now, we are being told by our agency and the State Dept. that the Embassy in Sofia is behind on their system and having difficulty handing out VISAs in a timing manner. AKA, we may have to pay change fees for the airlines. Hopefully this issue will be resolved by the time we leave. We are being told it should be.

Also I wanted to mention that we went through a non-profit called AFC Travel for our airfare.
The woman that helped us was very kind and was able to book our tickets for much less than the listed fare. We were able to get a humanitarian fare which is less and the change-fees are much less.

We will also be flying British Airways so I'm sure I will have a nice flight. If I don't, you're sure to hear about it.

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  1. SO exciting! I am sorry to hear about the delays but you must be so excited to finally bring him home! We missed our daughters first birthday by one month as well, and we had her birthday party when she got home. Just a small family one, but she loved the cake! Hope all goes well with the visas.